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46% of companies have no strategic plan to address skills gaps internally. In part, it’s because organizations are not using the Learning and Development tools they have to their full capacity.  Almost all organizations use a Learning Management System (LMS) to manage and deliver e-learning courses and training programs. But many don't realize it can do so much more.

Your LMS can provide clear learning paths for individual upskilling and reskilling. Are you using your LMS as a tool for employee success and long-term employee retention? 

Join us on Tuesday, March 21, 1 pm central time, where our Founder, Kishor Amberkar, will share how our customers are using their LMS to its fullest potential.

Things you will learn and observe firsthand include:  

  • How you can use your LMS to identify skills gaps in your organization   
  • How your LMS can help you fill unexpected job openings quickly 
  • [Demo short] See how managers and administrators can create learning paths and use reporting to make data-driven decisions  

Hosted by:

Kishor Amberkar

Kishor Amberkar - Chief Technology Officer

Kishor Amberkar is Learnsoft’s Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO). For nearly two decades, Kishor has been able to provide consistent success in maximizing organizational performance through driving growth in the healthcare and government sectors. Starting out as Chief Architect, his software development initiatives have helped capture market share, restructure business operations, and improve bottom-line operational efficiency.

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